Biuro Urbanistyczne Ecoland from Wroclaw is a private company, founded by architect Marek Wiland in 1991. Our team is composed by people of various skill and experience. They are experts from various specialties, including architecture, urban planning, environmental protection, communication, geography, agriculture, mining, economics, law and geographic information systems (GIS), aided by talented students, currently completing their studies.
Team members have extensive professional experience, which allow them to work in a wide range of fields. They are also authors of numerous publications. Apart from the works in Lower Silesia and Poland, the Office performs an international planning work, mainly in cooperation with the Czech Republic, as well as preparing projects for international companies pursuing investments in our region.
Ecoland, and our team enjoys great trustworthiness with our customers and has an established strong market position in the region's planning and also has financial capability. Work is characterized by a high level of knowledge, reliability and punctuality.
The core business of Ecoland is to prepare planning studies for local government units such as the “Studium uwarunkowań i kierunków zagospodarowania przestrzennego” (study of conditions and directions of spatial development of municipalities) and “Miejscowy plan zagospodarowania przestrzennego" - m.p.z.p (local development plans - masterplan) and assess the validity of the above documents. The office specializes in expert studies, including mining, wind farms, line infrastructure investment, industrial parks and large commercial facilities and prepares analysis and expertise related to spatial planning and land management.